NEO Finance is a modern decentralized financial lending system based on the use of smart contract technologies. We took into account the weaknesses of the classic p2p lending models, and released a truly innovative product for the interaction of borrowers and creditors from around the world.


  • Interaction of borrowers and creditors around the world
  • Favorable conditions for all participants of the platform
  • Reduce risks to a minimum, by effectively controlling the risks of an automated system and the operation of smart contracts.
  • Convenience, simplicity and speed of obtaining a loan


The capacity of the card:

  • Withdrawals and deposits at any ATM in the world
  • Ability to make online and offline payments
  • Currency account
Trade module

NEF - Coin

NEFCoin - is a universal payment instrument and the platform's internal currency. It allows inner transactions platform, to obtain discounts in shops partners and pay Commission for using the products NEOFinance.

Token distribution

  • 20% — Pre-sale
  • 41% — Token-Sale
  • 15% — Reserve Fund
  • 12% — Command
  • 5.5% — Bonuses
  • 3.5% — bounty
  • 3% — expert Advisors
Financial model
Pre-sale Token-Sale
0-8M USD 8-20M USD 20-33.5M USD 33.5-48.5M USD 48.5-61M USD
20% 15% 10% 5% 0%

Financial model

  • 35% — Development and maintenance of the platform
  • 27% — Marketing
  • 15% — Reserve platform
  • 10% — Development of strategic partnerships
  • 5%  — Obtaining legal status and licenses
Token distribution

Road map



October-November 2018

December 2018

January-February 2019

March-April 2019

  • The creation of a platform concept
  • Writing White Papers
  • Create a token
  • Pre-Sale
  • NEF Tokensale
  • Start of development of the core platform
  • Implementation of the trading module
  • Development of payment gateway
  • Create a beta version of the mobile application
  • Development of internal exchange service
  • Launching the beta version of the Internet platform
  • Launch the beta version of the mobile application
  • Testing and adjustment of products
  • Starting a payment card
  • Engaging strategic partners
  • Official launch of the working platform
  • Receiving the status of Payment Institution (PI)
  • Obtaining an FCA license



Josef Osborn


Jeffrey Chandler


Dennis Carr

The Legal Counsel

Gabriel Geffery


Financial analyst

John Newman


Andy Curtman

PR Manager

Jessica Anderson

AI Developer

Ahmed Alifat


Blockchain Developer

Djahan Emery

Frontend Developer

Chris Blowly

Backend Developer

Prabhu Mangeshkar

Community manager

Elizabeth Glay


Risk management Advisor

Daniel Miller

Venture investor

Fajing Sun

Аinancial advisor

Mike Singer

Daniel Miller - Risk management Advisor

Is an experienced leader in risk management and corporate finance. Currently, he is the director of credit risk at Barclays and holds several positions in the supervisory board in the financial industry. He is fond of new technologies, including Blockchain, and became an enthusiast of digitalization, successfully managing various digitalization projects in various industries. He holds a MBA degree from Cotrugli Business School.

Fajing Sun - Venture investor

A successful venture investor who knows the Chinese market perfectly. One of the first to invest in PayPal. Owner of the largest business incubator in Beijing. Co-founder of a financial and technological firm in Beijing with a current projected profit of over $ 1 billion (in yuan).

Mike Singer - Аinancial advisor

Having started his Fintech career at the age of 16, Mike founded several companies in 18 countries, focusing on alternative investment channels and machine learning. He advised the selected list of high-quality ICOs, and also invested in them.